Why the name RAZEDUP?
Raze: means to tear down, flatten or demolish    Up: is obvious

We “RESCUE” bottles from local restaurants/bars, tear them down and build them back up. We UPCYCLE them into fun and beautiful everyday items :)

I am a wife and mother of two incredible kids, a classical dance instructor who recently moved from the dance studio to the glass studio full time to stretch my creativity in a new direction! 

At RazedUp we repurpose beautiful bottles and packaging that have been discarded as waste.
The idea of RazedUp was born during a standing lunch date that my husband and I have on Saturday afternoons at a local Irish Pub where we catch up on our lives and watch professional soccer games. The bar is lined with bottles of every size, shape, color and flavor. Frequently we found ourselves talking about how beautiful the bottles were and how sad it is that the bottles were simply discarded. One day, we decided to see what we could create with those discarded bottles. Little by little our idea became a few products that grew into a line of products!

In most cases, liquor bottles and packaging are simply discarded therefore local businesses have happily joined our Bottle Rescue Program in an effort to support us and to minimize waste. At RazedUp we love the idea of rescuing and repurposing bottles! We are developing RazedUp to be as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible- using every piece of the bottle and utilizing recycled, recyclable, biodegradable packaging and shipping materials.  

Our online shop opened September 1, 2013--with some luck, hard work and wonderful support from our family and local businesses, we have established a presence online, in select art boutiques in Massachusetts and Rhode Island as well as at open air markets and art shows. We are excited with how everything has come together and look forward to seeing where RazedUp takes us in the future!